Nattovéna is one of the strongest nattokinase supplements out there. It provides more than 4,000 fibrinolytic units (FUs) per capsule, which is twice the potency of ordinary nattokinase products. Plus, it’s naturally acid-stable since it’s derived from a food source. This gives Nattovéna the added benefit of not needing an enteric coating for protection against stomach acid.

Nattovéna’s formula contains the highest FU activity amongst major brands of nattokinase supplements, thereby enhancing its cardiovascular benefits and promoting normal blood viscosity.

Nattokinase is a fibrinolytic (fibrin-dissolving) enzyme originally discovered in a Japanese fermented soybean food called natto. This soybean dish is fermented with a strain of Bacillus subtilis bacteria that in turn produces the nattokinase enzyme, which upon its discovery was later named after the respective dish. The fermented dish, natto, has a slimy texture, sour taste, and strong smell that is very unappealing to some.

Despite its questionable taste, natto has been shown in numerous studies to have many health benefits. For its use in nutritional supplements, the nattokinase enzyme is extracted and purified in a lab, so the benefits of the enzyme can be had without disrupting your palate.

How Nattokinase Works

Fibrin is a protein that plays a major role in blood clotting and scar formation, making it an essential component of the healing process—and vital for maintaining your health and general well-being. However, fibrin overproduction and weak fibrin degradation have been a factor in many of today’s most common circulatory health concerns.

Fibrin is naturally produced in the body by a protein called thrombin and broken down by the body's own fibrinolytic enzyme, plasmin. Fibrin is typically produced during the recovery and healing processes that are triggered by an injury or other health concerns. Usually, the production of fibrin occurs in a delicate balance. However, many conditions can impair fibrin degradation and lead to excessive levels of fibrin within the body.

Nattokinase is a fibrinolytic enzyme in and of itself, which means that it dissolves excess fibrin during the healing process. In fact, studies show that nattokinase is actually more potent than the body’s own plasmin in terms of breaking up blood clots—a process which is referred to as thrombolytic therapy or fibrinolytic activity.

Clinical Studies on Nattokinase

Clinical studies on nattokinase have demonstrated that nattokinase impacts various blood markers within the blood plasma of healthy adults. Nattokinase has been directly shown in a clinical setting to work throughout the circulatory system, not just within the confines of the digestive tract.

Nattokinase has proven to be most beneficial for cardiovascular health. The significance of this effect cannot be understated, especially since cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.

Although there are around 20 enzymes in the body responsible for creating blood clots, plasmin is the only enzyme responsible for dissolving them. As we age, the production of plasmin slows down and makes it hard for the body to dissolve blood clots. In addition to a decrease in plasmin production, we also experience an increase in fibrinogen levels. When the levels of fibrinogen increase, there is also an increase in platelet aggregation and blood clot production throughout the body.

Anyone at risk for cardiovascular disease because of excessive fibrin should consider adding nattokinase to their diet. Research on this enzyme demonstrated that it has an unmatched ability to control natural imbalances as we age, providing much-needed support to the cardiovascular system.

Nattovéna is the world’s first ultra-concentrated 4,000 FU pure nattokinase dietary supplement, in easy-to-swallow capsules.

Nattovéna's potency is unparalleled in its class. The standard for nattokinase manufacturing is a potency of up to 2,000 FUs, or fibrinolytic units, of fibrin degrading activity per capsule. Nattovéna has broken the mold by providing 4,000 FUs of activity—double the ordinary dose—making it the strongest nattokinase activity per capsule in its class, period.

Suggested use:
Take Nattovéna with eight ounces of water on an empty stomach or as directed by your healthcare provider. Higher daily doses may be divided into two or three servings per day.

Therapeutic: Six capsules per day.
Increased Support: Four capsules per day.
Maintenance: Two capsules per day.

Do not take this product without the consent of your physician if you are currently taking blood-thinning medications or if you are pregnant or nursing.

1 capsule contains:
Nattokinase 4,000FU

Other ingredients:


What does Nattovéna do?
Studies have demonstrated that nattokinase improves overall circulation, promotes healthy blood viscosity, and maintains healthy blood levels.

Why is fibrinolytic activity important?

Fibrin is a vital protein that forms in response to trauma, injury, or even in cases of autoimmune conditions. The body not only has the potential to overproduce fibrin in response to these instances, but can also produce fibrin when no trauma or injury has occurred, which can lead to a bevy of unwanted symptoms. Fibrinolytic activity is important because it’s the body’s natural way of breaking up excessive fibrin.

Is Nattovéna safe?
Nattokinase is derived from natto, which has been a regular food staple in Asian cuisine for centuries. Although nattokinase has many benefits, studies have shown that it also does not have demonstrative side effects, and the ingredient is considered GRAS (generally recognized as safe) in the US.

Does Nattovéna have value beyond just heart health?
Due to the vast array of unhealthy conditions that excessive fibrin can bring, Nattovéna has far greater value than a simple cardiovascular support product. Many aspects of health, ranging from muscle recovery to immune health, can be related to fibrin and blood viscosity.

Is Nattovéna safe to use in combination with prescription blood-thinning medications?
You should always check with your healthcare provider prior to taking any new dietary supplements in combination with a prescription. However, Nattovéna does not contain any vitamin K, so it is assumed to be compatible with prescription medications with a mode of action based on inhibiting vitamin K. Nattovéna is not contraindicated with aspirin, natural supplements, or antihypertensive medications, although medical supervision when implementing any new supplement regimen is always recommended.

Is Nattovéna Kosher?
The formula is Kosher, and a copy of the certification is available by request.

Is Nattovéna vegetarian or vegan?
The formula is vegetarian and vegan in accordance with the guidelines of the American Vegetarian Association.

Is Nattovéna non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)?
Yes, Nattovéna is non-GMO. The microorganisms used to produce this enzyme product are not genetically engineered organisms as defined by the National Organic Standards Board. Genetically engineered is defined as follows: Made with techniques that alter the molecular or cellular biology of an organism by means that are not possible under natural conditions or processes. Genetic engineering includes recombinant DNA, cell fusion, micro-and macro-encapsulation, gene deletion and doubling, introducing a foreign gene, and changing the position of genes. It shall not include breeding, conjugation, fermentation, hybridization, in-vitro fertilization, and tissue culture.

Further testing is also conducted to determine whether any common GMO material is present in the product. A copy of the lab analysis can be downloaded here.

Is Nattovéna generally recognized as safe (GRAS)?
Yes, the enzyme that makes up Nattovéna is GRAS by the FDA.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For all conditions or illnesses, see a healthcare professional for a full evaluation, diagnosis or treatment plan.

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