Can progesterone cream help with PCOS?

Can progesterone cream help with PCOS?

Yes, it can.

If you have PCOS with very irregular periods, and no idea when the next one may come, you can start with the progesterone cream Matriarch 20 at once and take about half a pump morning and evening for 7-10 days. Then you stop and wait.

The small amount of progesterone can have a stimulating effect on the ovaries and kick-start ovulation, which also means estrogen production. It might feel a little counter-intuitive to use progesterone to produce estrogen but that is essentially the effect. The progesterone works as a signal enhancer and can make the ovulation process pick up where it left off so to speak.

An increased estrogen production will cause more vaginal discharge and this is a sign from your body that ovulation might be expected in the upcoming days. Sometimes you can experience a bit of pain in the lower abdomen from older follicles that might rupture now when the hormonal signaling is reset. This doesn't mean those follicles will ovulate, they will simply rupture, but this can sometimes be painful if they are large.

Do use a cycle tracking app (Period Tracker for example) to keep track of your symptoms because it can help you determine when you ovulate and that will tell you when to expect your next period. Menstruation always occur 14 days after ovulation.

What causes PCOS?

The most common cause of PCOS is insulin resistance. You can largely influence this yourself in a positive direction through dietary changes that keep your blood sugar stable. Progesterone can help you ovulate, but it's not a quick fix because you will still have to keep your blood sugar in check.

Experiment with meal timing or intermittent fasting. Avoid eating too often during a day. Eat slightly larger but fewer meals. Eat significantly more protein. Eat hot cooked (prepared) food rather than a cold salad for example or a smoothie. Combine macros and mix carbohydrates, protein and fat in every meal. This results in a slower rise in blood sugar, which will not require as much insulin and maintain your insulin sensitivity.

Chromium and berberine are supplements that can help increase insulin sensitivity and reduce cravings.

Something else you can add is saw palmetto, especially if you have acne or excess facial hair which are signs of elevated testosterone.

Even if you don't have severe acne, saw palmetto can help regulate ovulation by keeping testosterone levels balanced. Start with dietary changes, then add progesterone cream and supplements as a next step if you do not progress.

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