What supplements do you suggest for water retention?

What supplements do you suggest for water retention?

For water retention we would recommend the following products:

  • Taurine
  • Horse chestnut extract
  • Progesterone cream
  • Transdermal magnesium.

The choice of product depends on the cause of fluid retention and when it occurs (if it is not constant).

For instance, it is common to retain more fluid around ovulation, especially when it seems disrupted. In such cases, progesterone cream like Matriarch 20 can help by giving ovulation a boost and indirectly counteracting fluid retention.

If you experience fluid retention the week before menstruation (a common PMS symptom), then the stronger progesterone cream Matriarch 100 can help during that week.

If you experience water retention during both these instances in your cycle, you can  combine with a low dose for a few days prior to ovulation and a high dose during the week before menstruation.

It should be noted that using progesterone cream incorrectly - i.e., on the wrong days with incorrect dosing - can cause fluid retention.

If you have swollen feet, legs, and calves, we highly recommend horse chestnut extract. Ideally combined with foot baths with magnesium salt (magnesium chloride).

Magnesium is generally diuretic and can be used both in foot baths and full-body baths. Use enough bath salt for the amount of water you are using.

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