How to pay with Klarna

One-time card Service

You need the Klarna mobil app to use the one-time card service.

It works like this:

  1. In the app you search for "moodmama". If you get no result, you click on Search on Google, instead.
  2. Click on Moodmama in the search result.
  3. Order your items.
  4. At the bottom of your mobile screen there will be a Klarna button.
  5. Enter an amount that covers the order total approximately. It doesn't matter if you enter a higher amount. You will only pay what you actually order for.
  6. Choose among Klarna's different payment options such as pay later for example.
  7. Done!

This is just like checking out with Klarna. You will be able to choose between the different payment methods they offer. You can read more about the one-time card service in English on Klarna's website here.