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Terraflora® Daily Care

Terraflora® Daily Care

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Achieve a happy gut and healthy body with probiotics known to provide body, brain, and immune support.

  • Spore-based probiotics + Organic prebiotics provide a 2-in-1 benefit.
  • Bacillus strains boost nutrient absorption by producing vital vitamin B2.
  • A balanced gut is shown to promote whole body health.

Terraflora® Daily Care is a synbiotic supplement with soil based probiotics boosted with premium organic prebiotics.

Spore based probiotics survive. Unlike short-lived lactic acid flora, your ancestral spore supplements live longer.

Our ancestors gathered food from the ground, which provided them with a steady source of much-needed environmental microbes—nature's probiotics.

But now, with modern farming practices and our obsession with sanitization, we don't have a readily-accessible way to receive the beneficial flora necessary to sustain a healthy gut.

Maintaining our link to the earth is essential to our health and wellness. But to continue to thrive, we must adapt. Help your intestines adapt and better absorb nutrients with Terraflora probiotics for men and women.


  • Novel strains (Ribospore & Bacillus megaterium EM144) produce critical vitamin B2 and antioxidant carotenoids.
  • Gastrointestinal-stabilizing Bacillus megaterium + Bacillus clausii.
  • Bacillus subtilis + Bacillus coagulans make vitamin K2 and nattokinase enzyme.


Without proper nutrients, beneficial microbes simply suffer. Give your flora the food they need to thrive with ancient prebiotics featuring wild-harvested, organic prebiotics shown to help:

  • Reduce gas and bloating.
  • Promote normal bowel pattern.
  • Tighten gut lining junctions.
  • Improve intestinal function.
  • Sustain healthy flora.
  • Nurture nutrient absorption.

Suggested use:
Start with 1 capsule every other day, and gradually increase to 1-2 capsules 2x daily, or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Best taken with food.

Ingredients per 1 capsule:

Probiotic Bio-Complex: 1 Billion Viable Cells per serving
Ribospore® (Bacillus pumilus)
Bacillus megaterium EM144™
Bacillus subtilis
 Bacillus clausii
Bacillus coagulans
Prebiotic Bio-Complex: 850mg per serving
Larch Arabinogalactan [Larix spp.], Reishi [Ganoderma lucidum] Extract (fruiting body), Wild-Harvested Chaga [Inonotus obliquus] Extract (fruiting body), Wild-Harvested Nova Scotian Bladderwrack [Fucus vesiculosus] Extract (thallus), Wild-Harvested Patagonian Wakame [Undaria pinnatifida] Extract (sporophyll), Humic Acids

Other ingredients:
None. Plant cellulose capsule.

60 capsules


Store tightly sealed at room temperature, out of reach of children. No need for refrigeration.

Dietary info:
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Nut Free
Egg Free

Please note if you’re a pregnant or nursing mama or have health issues, you should speak with your doctor before use.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anette Selberg
Terraflora® Daily Care

Den bästa probiotikan jag någonsin har testat! Jag arbetar som terapeut och har valt att ta in dessa , kunder med IBS. har mått så mycket bättre

Terraflora® Daily Care

Tog denna synbiotika i ett par månader men ingen effekt på min uppblåsthet och gaser. Letar vidare. Gärna en probiotika med åtminstone 12-16 stammar som innehåller L. Rhamnosus GG och Reuteri.MM: De två stammar du nämner är mjölksyrebakterier och Terraflora är en sporbaserad probiotika så det går inte riktigt att jämföra. Vi kan rekommendera en produkt som heter BioGaia Protectis som innehåller Reuteri. Vi har den inte men den säljs i de flesta hälsokostbutiker. Om dina besvär gör sig särskilt påminda efter måltid skulle vi rekommendera Bio-Gest, alternativt B.P.P.

Louise Edlund
Terraflora® Daily Care

Magen blir lugn och toalettvanorna regelbundna. IBS symtom lugnar ner sig. Det känns som en klart bättre balans i mage-tarm systemet.

Terraflora® Daily Care

Väldigt bra produkt.Jag har lagt ut en förmögenhet på olika probiotika för mina matsmältningsbesvär. Fick ordentliga problem efter en antibiotikakur, men inget hjälpte.Nu känner jag att jag är på rätt väg.